More Bed.
More Room.

More space.  More freedom.  More living. 

More Bed.

With the most expensive real-estate in the solar system, space in Hong Kong apartments is limited, forcing us into a familiar trade-off between bed size and precious floor space.

With SkyBed you get the best of both worlds. The expanse of a full size double bed at same time you get to keep 100% of the floorspace.

More Room.

Unless you’re sleeping in it, your bed is nothing but an obstacle eating up valuable space.  The transformation as SkyBed floats gently to the ceiling is truly unique.  It genuinely feels like an entirely new room. In fact, the smaller the room, the greater the transformation.

Safe Strong Smooth

Requiring no power and minimal maintenance, SkyBed’s low-friction counter-balanced elevation mechanism is designed using highly durable, wear-resistant precision bearings for years of continuous smooth gliding performance.

A New Dimension.

When it’s time for bed, SkyBed instantly descends, transforming your room into a cozy sanctuary without the squeeze.

Easily adjustable stops allow you to set the riding height, making your living space as dynamic and upwardly mobile as you are.

Robust and versatile, SkyBed lets you work late into the night below, while your partner floats off to sleep above.

Why SkyBed?

Elevation Innovation

Like a balloon, SkyBed floats upwards to rest flush against the ceiling during the day, freeing 100% of the floorspace completely.

Rest Assured

All stainless steel construction and a rated load capacity of almost one tonne combined with our highly trained team of installation engineers mean you can relax with confidence.

A Whole New Room

Unleash the possibilities and give yourself room to grow.  How will you use the extra space SkyBed gives you?

Live Large

Pictures can’t really convey the sensation of truly open space SkyBed gives you. Everyone can use a little more room. Make yours work for you.

Above The Rest.

Storage beds like these need the mattress to be removed for access and provide no extra floorspace for other activities.

Some solutions look novel but in practice, the space they save needs to be cleared every time you go to bed. Only SkyBed gives you 100% of the space without compromise.

Bunk beds are a partial solution, but they still take up a lot of room and often obstruct windows leaving the room feeling murky and cramped.